You might think that financing a car from a dealership is the easiest way of buying a car, but it doesn’t always give you the best possible deal.

You might want to consider a Novated Lease. The 4 main reasons why a Novated Lease could save you money and make owning your car easier are…… You would have thought that Novated Lease is only for people on a high income but that is not true, as long as you are a permanent employee and your organisation offers the Novated lease option you are eligible

Tax Saving

Novated leasing saves you on tax as a portion of the car payment is deducted pre-tax thereby reducing your gross salary and the tax liability. Basically this means that the part of the car payment comes out before your employer tax’s your income.

Employers generally like the option of providing novated lease options to their employees as it’s a great way to increase the employee net take home pay by way of tax deduction and they’re often able to receive a tax-deductible expense as they’re responsible for making the payments direct.


With a Novated Lease you don’t pay GST on the Car . That is a 10% saving on the purchase price of the car. For example if you purchased a $30,000 car that is a saving of $3,000!!

One Payment

No bill shock! Remember the time when you had to pay Insurance, rego all at the same time?

With a novated lease you just make one payment which includes everything (Rego, Ins., Fuel, CTP, Maintenance, Batteries)

Fleet Pricing

We can access Fleet Pricing through our network of dealerships. This means more savings for you as these prices are not available to everyone.

Get in touch with the team at CarBeagle and find out how a Novated Lease can work for you.