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Why Choose CarBeagle?

Alsa Wood
11/07/2019 - Google

If your looking for a quality used vehicle and unsurpassed customer service I can highly recommend Springwood Wholesale Vehicles. I have been looking for months for the right car at the right price and I found it with Mark, Mat, Krystal and the crew. Thanks SWH. You were professional and offered top notch service and made the whole process very easy. I love my car!

Janelle Lowe
10/27/2019 - Google

Brad at car beagle was awesome. Communication was excellent and the whole process was easy and stress free..His customer service skills were above and beyond.

Gary Moore
9/25/2019 - Google

I would like to thank Krystal for all her hard work going above and beyond to get me finance for my ute. You were amazing. Thank you very much.

Samuel Allan
9/07/2019 - Google

I was very much a long shot to get financed for a vehicle as I only had my business for six months, I hardly ticked any boxes at all but Paul Ashby was a legend going way beyond what any other brokers had done for me, even when a lender pulled out on me at the last minute he was determined to see it through to the end and he succeeded! I’m very grateful for the effort he made as my family and I had a lot riding on this. Now we have been able to get a foot in on the decent car market the pressure is off and I get to focus on running my business more professionally, thank you Paul 😁

Jacob B
8/16/2019 - Google

I had a brand new company with no trading history and was rejected by the banks for finance.

I gave up.

Someone recommended me to try Paul & I’m so glad I did.

It felt more like a friend and friendly professional helping a mate out.

I didn’t have to worry about anything.

He got me a great deal and even offered additional professional services to assist which he managed himself.

Couldn’t give a better or higher recommendation than these guys to anyone.


Kathie Jones
8/10/2019 - Google

We highly recommend using CarBeagle. The process is made far easier having someone you can trust to do the hard yards for you. We have used CarBeagle for Business Loan purposes as well as simply purchasing our boat. They are very flexible in what we were looking to Finance and never say no that's not my Department they just get the job done. Paul Ashby has become not only our Broker we class him as our mate. He knows our Business and always finds the best Finance options for us. It's great to have someone on your side not just looking to get your loan but to land the best loan that's tailored to our needs and exspences. Thank you Paul Ashby and we look forward to engaging you to take care of our next Financial Project. Thank you again Scott and Kathie Nicol-Jones and Nicol -Jones Developments.