The used car market can sometimes be a difficult landscape to navigate. That’s why CarBeagle is here to help you along the way. In this article we’ll be discussing some of the key benefits of buying a mid size SUV. They’re all the rage in Australia, so if you’re considering upgrading from your small car or sedan, here’s some reasons we think you should!

Extra Space and Comfort

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, which essentially means they’re a larger care built for a range of purposes. Providing extra space is one of the biggest selling points for an SUV. Whether you carry around sports gear, camping gear, or anything that takes up a lot of space, an SUV gives you so many more options than a sedan. The roomy boot size coupled with back seats that fold down provide ample room for all types of equipment – especially shopping bags!

It’s not just the cargo areas that win people over though. SUV’s are built with passenger comfort in mind, and most provide far better leg room and space to stretch out than your standard sedan or hatch. Plus, with so much room in the back, the furry members of your family will love the extra space too.

Great Resale Value

Due to the popularity of mid size SUV’s, there’s always a buyer out there for a well-maintained mid size SUV.  They usually account for over 40% of the new car market in Australia, which shows how favourable they’ve become with buyers. As such an economic family car, a mid size SUV is a very attractive option on the second-hand market for Australian families not able to splash out on new cars.

They also hold value incredibly well, particularly trusted makes and models. It’s the versatility of a mid size SUV that makes them so popular, which means you’ll always find someone looking to pick up a quality multi-purpose vehicle. All you need to do is look after your SUV, and it’s sure to look after you!

Mid Size SUV Driving Performance and Technology

Driving performance and technology is always a big consideration when looking for a new or used car. If you’ve never owned an SUV before, it’s likely you’re used to driving smaller cars. So, if we compare a mid size SUV to a sedan, what can it do that a sedan can’t?

  • Better off-road capabilities: You might not want to scale mountains in your car, but an SUV can take you through tougher conditions than a sedan.
  • More pulling power for towing: No longer do you need a large 4WD vehicle to tow boats easily.
  • Safety features: Most late model mid size SUVs come with a stack of safety features like emergency braking, lane departure technology, not to mention plenty of airbags to cover all passenger areas.

Terrific Range of Options

You’ve got choices galore in mid size SUVs, whether you’re looking for drive train options like All Wheel Drive, 4WD, or a combination of both. While most newer cars come chiefly with automatic transmission, many incorporate a manual option (known as sports automatic). 

Within each range you’ll also find diesel and petrol models, so you can choose the most economic option for your driving style.

Pro-Tip: Look for Late Model Mid Size SUVs

We’ve mentioned newer cars a bit in this article. That’s because we believe there’s some exceptional mid size SUV options on the market, and you can get a great bargain. Many mid size SUVs come with a long warranty period, such is the car manufacturer’s confidence in their reliability. Ranging from 3 years all the way up to 10, you can find some excellent factory warranties out there.

Take for example the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. This is the new generation of Mitsubishi SUV vehicles, and by choosing a model from 2017 onwards, you’re not just getting a great car at an affordable price. You could also benefit from taking over these warranties, and even the capped price servicing component. Ultimately, this gives you great peace of mind and also saves you money.

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