If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ve got a huge range of options in front of you. New car? Used?  How old do you want a used car to be? Then there’s all the financial questions. How you’re going to obtain car finance, and can you afford the repayments?  How do I get rid of my current car?

One thing remains the same with any car purchase, and that’s the fact that you want quality, reliability and affordability. 

Toyota Corolla: The World’s Best-Selling Car for a Reason

The Toyota Corolla is the world’s best-selling car, and that shouldn’t really come as any surprise. Toyota have been in the automotive game for over 50 years, and they’re still dominating the Australian market with over 20% market share. Through constant innovation, new safety features, and improved driveability, Toyota have still managed to keep their Corolla range affordable, hence their wide appeal.  If you’re in the market for a late model small car that combines reliability and affordability, the Corolla should be at the top of your list.

Small Car with Plenty of Space

For a small car, the Toyota Corolla really has some space inside. Not only is it comfortable for passengers, the hatch design and folding rear seats offers plenty of space if you’ve got some gear to carry around. The benefit of Toyota Corolla’s space friendly design is the ability to handle a wide range of needs – from a first car, to a young family,  through to a second run about car for the family. The 4cylinder engine won’t cost a fortune in petrol. 

The Toyota Corolla proves that small, fuel efficient cars don’t need to lack space and power. You get a good mix of everything here.

Easier to Finance

There’s a myth that new cars lose half their value as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. While we think the ‘half’ suggestion is a bit extreme, there is some truth in the myth. It’s a fact that a car changes from new to used as soon as you drive it away. Naturally, this does mean a reduction in value.

As a result, purchasing a late model Toyota Corolla can be a great option. You’ll be getting modern features and reliability in your car, and competitive rates on your finance. Having a relatively new used car (under 3 years old) allows access to a longer loan term and better interest rate. Therefore making payments all the more manageable!

The Best Factory Warranty

Another way to get great peace of mind is to buy a late model Toyota Corolla that’s still under factory warranty.   Toyota are widely known as having one of the best warranties going around, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg if an issue arises.  All Toyota Corollas come with a 3 year/100,000km warranty that is based on the date the car was retailed as a new car. 

Save with Capped Price Servicing 

Depending on how new your car is, it might also even be subject to Toyota’s Capped Price Servicing. For example, all Toyota Corolla’s should come with Capped Price Servicing for 3 years.    Capped Price Servicing is a program that outlines the maximum cost of each scheduled service over the first 3 years of the Corolla’s life.  This is revealed ahead of time so the ongoing costs of ownership can be better managed.  It covers the basic maintenance items to keep your Corolla in perfect mechanical condition, excluding items like replacing tyres. 

Need Help With Car Finance?

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Need to Sell your car? 

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