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Who is CarBeagle?

At CarBeagle our people and experience are our strength. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Meet the Team

CalebGeneral Manager
Overseeing the overall CarBeagle Business, Caleb has extensive experience in the financial services industry working with a lender in a variety of sales and management roles before joining the team. In his spare time Caleb enjoys keeping fit and competing in triathlons.
DhavalTeam Leader
Dhaval has extensive experience across a broad range of financial services including car finance and mortgage lending. Dhaval manages the team of finance brokers focusing on consumer lending. In his spare time he enjoys staying up to date with all the latest technologies.
KrystalFinance Broker
Krystal brings to the team a wealth of experience in the Car finance industry with over 10 years experience helping customers into the right finance solution. In her spare time Krystal enjoys playing competitive Netball and spending time with her two kids.

Our Top FAQ’s

What do I need to apply for a loan?2019-01-17T04:06:52+00:00

Typically we will require an application form that can be taken over the phone along with a signed privacy statement, bank statements, driver’s license and payslips. Most of the information we collect can be done electronically so it is nice and easy for you.

More information can be sometimes requested from our lenders in an effort to get your application approved.

If I have a bad credit rating can I still get finance?2019-01-17T04:07:12+00:00

We can help people who have a bad credit rating or have had some issues in the past. We work with numerous different lenders and can help find the right solution for you no matter your situation.

TIP: Too many inquiries on your credit file can actually lower your credit score, try not to apply to too many lenders or brokers at once as this can have a negative impact on your chance of being approved.

What will my interest rate be?2019-01-17T04:07:32+00:00

The interest rate on your loan is dependent on a number of your personal factors including but not limited to your credit score and history, your job status and length (full time, part time or casual), your home status, your weekly income and living expenses, and also the asset that you are purchasing. Our expert team can ensure you get the best possible interest rate based on your situation as we work with Australia’s leading bank and non bank lenders.

What are the benefits of a car loan?2019-01-17T04:13:15+00:00

Benefits of a car loan include:

  • Flexible loan repayment periods ranging from one to seven years.
  • You can qualify for a balloon or residual payment which can reduce your monthly repayments.
  • Fixed interest rates mean fixed repayments
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Tax deductions if the car is being used for business purposes*
  • Lower interest rates as the loan being secured against the vehicle

*You need to check with your accountant for eligibility

What is a Car Loan and how does it work?2019-01-17T04:07:54+00:00

A Car Loan (or a secured car loan) involves a finance company lending you money to purchase a vehicle for personal use. The loan is secured against the vehicle and, when the final repayment has been made, you own the vehicle outright.

Can you help me find my next car?2019-01-17T04:08:20+00:00

Yep. That is what we do best. We have relationships with a vast range of dealers so we can always get you great deal no matter what car you are looking to buy.

We work with Australia’s most trusted Financiers and Insurers